What We Do

Before the Event Day

  • Offer our clients unlimited meetings, email, and phone communication throughout the planning process.

  • Collaborate with you on a personalized event look-book to include overall design, color scheme, step and repeats, signage, brochures, agendas, invitations, floral arrangements, furnishings, tabletop, and guest favor and swag designs.

  • Develop and manage the event budget with cost-saving solutions.

  • Create and manage a detailed planning timeline -- 12-7 Months, 6-3 Months, 2-1 Month, 2-1 Week, and event day hour by hour timeline of all planned activities.

  • Schedule and attend vendor meetings, walk-throughs, and tastings.

  • Assist with locating the perfect venue along with a viable "rain plan".

  • Coordinate vendor selection, permitting, and contract negotiation, to include printing, master of ceremonies, catering, floral, photographer/videographer, musicians/entertainment, and rentals -- furniture, tent, flooring, A/C or heating, generators, lighting, photo booths, restroom units, etc.

  • Consult on floor plan design to include lighting, presentation technology, welcome table, and conference and dining seating.

  • Coordinate catering activities to include assistance with menu development.

  • Review and maintain rental orders -- furniture, tent, flooring, A/C or heating, generators, lighting, photo booths, restroom units, etc.

  • Manage participant attendance activity to include special nutritional, transportation, or venue access requirements.

  • Distribute delivery and load-in schedules, set-up layouts, hour by hour event day timeline, contact information, and all other necessary information to vendors in advance of the event day.

On the Event Day

 Manage all aspects of the hour by hour event day timeline of all planned events to include:

  • On time arrival, load-in, and set-up of rentals, caterer, florist, musicians/entertainment, photographer/videographer, and service staff.

  • Presentation equipment testing, digital, and printed material distribution.

  • Participant transportation to all planned activities.

  • A graceful transition between business presentations and meetings, photos, recreational activities, meal service, toasts/speeches, entertainment, and departures.

  • The unexpected.  We are prepared for any little surprise with calm nerves and behind the scenes solutions.

  • Distribute final vendor payments and service gratuities.

  • Supervise vendor break down and clean-up.